Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breakfast a-la Dad

So in my household breakfast is my dad's meal. He is the king of an amazing (and healthy) breakfast. This usually involves broccoli and cheese omelets packed with red and yellow peppers, onions, homegrown swiss chard and whatever other veggie he can find. Delicous but I digress. 

Every Christmas morning we have Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. This was not an attempt to re-create but more or less satisfy a delicious craving.


Black Strap Mollasses Rye Bread (from a local bakery)
1 tbsp cream cheese
2 eggs
Dads homemade smoked salmon (from fish he actually caught)
Two eggs
1 tsp Vinegar


1) Heat a pan of water. Add Vinegar (this helps the eggs keep their shape). Wait untill starting to bubble slightly. 2) Add eggs and turn down heat to a simmer 3) Put bread in toaster 4) Watch eggs and spoon water over top of eggs. 5) Wait till egg whites are hard but yokes are still slightly runny :) 6) Take toast, spread cream cheese, break smoke salmon into small pieces and lay on top of cream cheese. 7) Spoon your eggs out (make sure no water is left in spoon when lifting them out) and lay on top of pre-assemble toast. 8) Sprinkle with pepper

This was absolutely amazing. Actually I am still eating and savouring it! 

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