Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are you a starter or a finisher??

Two weeks ago I was at a workshop hosted by Les Hewitt who wrote the book called the "Power of Focus". It was a fantastic workshop and two key points really resonated with me.

 First was when we each were handed about 50 small rectangles of paper, each with a core value in bold on it and what it means. The task was to come up with your 5 core values by sorting the values into "least important", "somewhat important" and "very important". From the very important category you must narrow it down to five values. His philosophy was that the decisions we make are based off our values. For example if something is holding you back it may be because it conflicts with one of those values. Pretty common sense right.

I was really not too surprised by my five core values and now that I think more about it really do believe these values are what define me and I am proud of them.

1) Tradition: To follow respected patterns of the past
2) Contribution: To make a lasting contribution in the world
3) Respect: To show consideration for
4) Family: To have a happy loving family
5) Independence: To be free from dependence on others

I would really recommend trying this game. The cards can be found here and you just need to cut em up and go! Would be fun to play with your partner/spouse to see if you both align on the same values. If not, you should probably toss him/her out with tonights supper. I kid, I kid.

The second thing that resonated with me is when he was discussing being a starter or a finisher. I have always thought of myself as a finisher but I have realized lately that I am definitely not!

Case A: This blog... I started it and have taken atleast a month break... woops.  That said it was even one of my New Years Resolutions to blog more. Double woops. On the plus side of New Years Resolutions I have been following through with my goal of eating chocolate every day. Yay for me!

Case B: Shoes. I just looked over at my closet and I have about 5 pairs of heels I have only worn once. I just keep buying new ones. Granted I love high-heels but they don't necessarily love me. I have a hard time finding comfortable ones.

Case C: Creating a photo-book from when I was in England/Europe. I think I have about 10 pictures in my project book in IPhoto currently.

Case D: Creating a Collage with all the postcards I collected on my England/Europe trip. It has been three years people. O dear.

Case E: Bikram Yoga. I tried it in December and loved it and would continue to go except the cost is too much for a recent graduate who works from home. Donations are welcome :)

Anyways I think you get the point. Atleast I do. Lauren finish something!!!

This year it is my goal to finish my goals. So what are they you ask?

1) Join a running group or train on my own for Times Colonist 10k
2) Spend more time with friends. Phone or in person.

3) Turn the TV off and read.

4) Blog atleast 2-3 times a week
5) Make Jewelry

6) Learn to take better pictures. Example A.
7) Save $100 a month
8) Complete my fitness theory course so I can become a Group Fitness Instructor
9) Grow my home-based business.
10) Eat a small piece of chocolate everyday to keep me sane. I think my bf will appreciate it.

 So far I am not doing great, except for the chocolate part :), but I think checking in and seeing where you are compared to where you want to be is good. Hopefully my check in at my 3 month mark will be better. April 28, 2011.

Do you ever check in with yourself and see where you are? How are you progressing?